All signs lead to #OOH2016 Neons Award


This quote perfectly sums up the importance of the Out of Home Awards.”A picture is better than a 1000 words” and at #OOH2016 Neons Award we will take a look at the bigger picture with some of the most eminent marketing and advertising gurus of India.



What’s the bigger picture you ask?

“The BIGGER Picture” refers to a keen understanding of where out of home fits into the “the big picture” of media. What the strengths are and where it is getting lost. Why brands are still apprehensive in adopting the medium. What the domains’ challenges are including still being unorganized, unaccountable and unsatisfactorily measurable. Accepting ground realities, moving around them to not only capture the brands attention but positioning out of home as the dominant media through ad campaigns. Further, while the world over the OOH medium embraces digital, in India it still is only 10% of the universe. In such a scenario isn’t OOH still ill equipped to embrace creatively the real power of the digital integration. What are the roadblocks? While the world is pegging a 2020 vision India OOH is still stuck 20 years back. To this increasingly complex big picture – lets look at putting solutions to work – it may require shifting focus from working in silos on out of home advertising, to looking at the essential role out of home can play in the broad advertising perspective.

Panel 1: Vision 2020 : Looking forward or stuck 20 years back

  1. Adopting Technology for enhanced customer experience integrating with digital media – Are we ready to invest first and reap later?
  2. Integrate hyper local media with other traditional media touch point for sustained awareness- ready to embrace the larger picture that fits into National campaigns while continuing the retail outreach?
  3. Innovation & Engagement are 2 sides of the same coin- is enough Innovation being done or merely properties are being engaged for revenues

Panel 2: Big Impact: Show me the money!

  1. Making an impact that can easily be mapped through analytics converting hesitant brands- are we ready to adopt a single currency and help it grow beyond its loop holes?
  2. Is OOH with its reach really a cost effective option for brands as compared to other media available ?
  3. Integrate Client expectations with planning and buying systems, utilize established ROI models, integrate with mobile and other technologies along with standardization & understanding new systems and services may offer a way forward – are we taking concrete steps to embrace these?

Some of the most experienced and innovative minds in the industry are part of our panel.Including the legendary marketer Mr.Anup Jain.

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Here are the other luminaries who will be part of the panel.


So come join e4m and NewsD for this event on March 31st at Leela ,Gurgaon.

About  the event:

Welcome to 6th edition of e4m NEONS Awards for Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage. OOH Conference and awards were established in 2011 to reward excellence in outdoor media.

The first five editions were highly endorsed by the Industry. This edition will recognize and reward the exceptional work in OOH Advertising and Digital Signage from time period between January 2015 to December 2015.

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The #OOH2016 Jury Meet : All you need to know!

#OOH2016 (3).png

At e4m, our goal is to engage the entire industry in a healthy competition,
and in the process, encourage the effort that goes into accomplishing the

The OOH Jury Meets this March 18th at Raddison ,Mahipalpur . Here is a low-down on how the winners of the most prestigious Out-of-Home Awards are selected.
Role of Jury
The honorable jury members are responsible – individually and collectively
for reviewing entries, selecting nominees and unanimously agreeing on the
three winner’s one in each gold, silver and bronze for each award category.


The Jury chairperson is responsible for :

• Conducting the Jury meet democratically and fairly
• Taking decisions when members in group cannot.
• Introducing nominees that failed to come to Jury’s notice and/or have
not entered the awards.

This year we welcome Mr.Abhishek Ganguly,Managing Director,Puma India as our Jury Chairperson.
stargazing (5).png

Judging Criteria & Weightage :

• Jury to abstain from voting on any work in which they or their
companies have been involved, either directly or indirectly.
• The Jury will vote on the shortlisted entries and then decide
which entries will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies.
• The decision of the Jury in all matters relating to the awarding
of prizes will be final and binding.

Judging criteria:


The Judging Process:


So now that you know about our process,come join us for OOH 2016 this March 31st!It will be an unforgettable event brought to you by e4m.



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