Industry experts on what plagues digital media in India & why

Indian Digital Media Awards aim to bring top industry leaders, marketers, brand custodians and decision makers of the country under one roof. The 8th edition of #e4mIDMA is scheduled to be held on 16th June 2017 at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai. This year’s grand jury was chaired by Manoj Kumar, Managing Director & Area General Manager – ISC, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

Keep reading to know the sentiments of the grand jury members on what plagues digital media in India & why.

Juzer Tambawalla, ‎Head Of Marketing, Franklin Templeton Investments

There is a gap in the pace at which technology is evolving and the ability for marketers to leverage it. Platform owners like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. will have to take ownership of strengthening the intellectual capital of the ecosystem.

Prashanth Challapalli, Chief Integration Officer – South Asia, The Leo Burnett Group

Digital is still a nascent practice, it’s only about 10 years old here. To expect AR and VR and other innovations to take off is unrealistic because we don’t have the infrastructure…

Rob Aalders, Serial Entrepreneur

The synergy between ecommerce and digital media needs to develop in India. Many young people use internet a lot, the growth numbers are staggering. Yet technology is not available for all which is a great pity.

Sumit Aggarwal, Director, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Excessive obsession with performance and ROI and not focusing on consumer experience plagues digital media in India today. If we fix consumer experience, engagement and journey, rest will automatically start delivering.

Manoj Kumar, Managing Director & Area General Manager – ISC, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

A common currency of measurement and a common industry agreement on what constitutes a view is needed. Regional language content has huge headroom for growth in India; especially with regional search coming in on Google.

Manik Nangia, Director Marketing & Chief Digital Officer, Max Life Insurance

  1. Measurement mechanisms aren’t robust and ability to audit is limited.
  2. Not enough effort is being put into triangulating the Message, Media& Audience – these three need to be in-sync for marketing to work!

Delna Avari, Mentor and Consultant

I believe we have grown by leaps and bounds and in many ways are leading the charge so to speak. Yet, there is a reality that we think of digital separately & at times as an afterthought even today. There is a lot of jargon that still floats about and structures are still too complex. Also the focus on true/real v/s notional ROI is not adequate.

Jonathan Bill, Co Founder CEO, Credit Mate

India is still plagued by dubious advertising ROI and poor accountability especially among ad networks. In the end this causes advertisers to focus their spends on a few international platforms.

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Digital will triumph over traditional media in the long run…

There is an ongoing battle between traditional and digital media strategy. For years, traditional media has helped businesses expand from different operations into the multinational association. Agencies and internal marketing departments alike have been divided by generations on the subject of where to allot their advertising dollars — in traditional media like radio, print and television or in web, social media and mobile, etc.

The era of digital media will continue to expand and as long as technology continues to advance. As laptop, tablet and smartphone adoption continues to grow, lesser consumers are accessing traditional media at all. The best part about digital marketing is it’s easily accessible, unlike traditional marketing. One can utilize his/her budget to target the relevant audience. You can reach larger audience simultaneously. There are both organic and paid forms of digital marketing. It depends on your needs, budget, and approaches that provide a simple way toward.

Additionally, digital advertisements can provide metrics that clearly and quickly demonstrate the efficacy of a particular campaign. The audience can have access to different ingredients on websites and videos on YouTube or video sharing websites. Interaction is possible especially with the uses of social media networks. Marketers take advantages of the facilities of communicating with their targeted audiences to get positive customer feedback. Digital marketing strategy is cost-efficient.

On the other hand, traditional media ads are comparatively costlier than digital media. The major area where digital media has an upper hand over traditional media is extreme targeting of customers. Specific customer targeting will always lead to positive results, regardless of the method you use. Any of the mediums can perform well if you correctly target your audience.

Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) and Conference (TechManch) is an initiative taken by exchange4media to award the best work being done in digital media. This is the 8th edition of IDMA and will be held on 16th, 2017 at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai.



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All signs lead to #OOH2016 Neons Award


This quote perfectly sums up the importance of the Out of Home Awards.”A picture is better than a 1000 words” and at #OOH2016 Neons Award we will take a look at the bigger picture with some of the most eminent marketing and advertising gurus of India.



What’s the bigger picture you ask?

“The BIGGER Picture” refers to a keen understanding of where out of home fits into the “the big picture” of media. What the strengths are and where it is getting lost. Why brands are still apprehensive in adopting the medium. What the domains’ challenges are including still being unorganized, unaccountable and unsatisfactorily measurable. Accepting ground realities, moving around them to not only capture the brands attention but positioning out of home as the dominant media through ad campaigns. Further, while the world over the OOH medium embraces digital, in India it still is only 10% of the universe. In such a scenario isn’t OOH still ill equipped to embrace creatively the real power of the digital integration. What are the roadblocks? While the world is pegging a 2020 vision India OOH is still stuck 20 years back. To this increasingly complex big picture – lets look at putting solutions to work – it may require shifting focus from working in silos on out of home advertising, to looking at the essential role out of home can play in the broad advertising perspective.

Panel 1: Vision 2020 : Looking forward or stuck 20 years back

  1. Adopting Technology for enhanced customer experience integrating with digital media – Are we ready to invest first and reap later?
  2. Integrate hyper local media with other traditional media touch point for sustained awareness- ready to embrace the larger picture that fits into National campaigns while continuing the retail outreach?
  3. Innovation & Engagement are 2 sides of the same coin- is enough Innovation being done or merely properties are being engaged for revenues

Panel 2: Big Impact: Show me the money!

  1. Making an impact that can easily be mapped through analytics converting hesitant brands- are we ready to adopt a single currency and help it grow beyond its loop holes?
  2. Is OOH with its reach really a cost effective option for brands as compared to other media available ?
  3. Integrate Client expectations with planning and buying systems, utilize established ROI models, integrate with mobile and other technologies along with standardization & understanding new systems and services may offer a way forward – are we taking concrete steps to embrace these?

Some of the most experienced and innovative minds in the industry are part of our panel.Including the legendary marketer Mr.Anup Jain.

stargazing (9).png

Here are the other luminaries who will be part of the panel.


So come join e4m and NewsD for this event on March 31st at Leela ,Gurgaon.

About  the event:

Welcome to 6th edition of e4m NEONS Awards for Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage. OOH Conference and awards were established in 2011 to reward excellence in outdoor media.

The first five editions were highly endorsed by the Industry. This edition will recognize and reward the exceptional work in OOH Advertising and Digital Signage from time period between January 2015 to December 2015.

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The #OOH2016 Jury Meet : All you need to know!

#OOH2016 (3).png

At e4m, our goal is to engage the entire industry in a healthy competition,
and in the process, encourage the effort that goes into accomplishing the

The OOH Jury Meets this March 18th at Raddison ,Mahipalpur . Here is a low-down on how the winners of the most prestigious Out-of-Home Awards are selected.
Role of Jury
The honorable jury members are responsible – individually and collectively
for reviewing entries, selecting nominees and unanimously agreeing on the
three winner’s one in each gold, silver and bronze for each award category.


The Jury chairperson is responsible for :

• Conducting the Jury meet democratically and fairly
• Taking decisions when members in group cannot.
• Introducing nominees that failed to come to Jury’s notice and/or have
not entered the awards.

This year we welcome Mr.Abhishek Ganguly,Managing Director,Puma India as our Jury Chairperson.
stargazing (5).png

Judging Criteria & Weightage :

• Jury to abstain from voting on any work in which they or their
companies have been involved, either directly or indirectly.
• The Jury will vote on the shortlisted entries and then decide
which entries will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies.
• The decision of the Jury in all matters relating to the awarding
of prizes will be final and binding.

Judging criteria:


The Judging Process:


So now that you know about our process,come join us for OOH 2016 this March 31st!It will be an unforgettable event brought to you by e4m.



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4 Tips For Successful Out-of-Home Advertising

Even with the e-commerce boom,we still spend a large chunk of our time out of home.Be it grocery shopping or driving around town ,all these moments leave us susceptible to advertising!

Here are a few guidelines for successful out of home advertising!Follow them and you will rule the outdoors!

giphy (11).gif

There’s No Room For Dullness
Grab their attention!Now that you have their attention,make a lasting impression.This is the first rule of OOH.Using bright colours,striking images and good taglines you can make your advert stand out.

Here is a perfect example of it by JCDecaux for Tele2.This out of home installation sets the bell ringing the moment you lay your eyes on it.


giphy (13).gif

Make Them Think
Most of the advertising is about recall.It all comes down to creativity.A clever image or a play on words will help make an impression on the viewer’s mind.Your message should be clear and have a lasting impression.


Look at these messages from Amnesty International.They make the viewer think.It strikes an emotional chord with the audience & you immediately know what the campaign is all about.


giphy (14)

Encourage Interaction
We are in the age of Digital.Today with the advent of mobiles & social media a total integration of your advertisement with these mediums can make your OOH totally interactive.Seeing is one thing,but making them act and believe in your brand philosophy is something else.

This Reebok ad has a speed cam installed.You can win a free pair of sneakers by running past it at the speed of 17 miles per hour or more.To say that you can see people flying past this ad would be an understatement.



giphy (16).gif

Think About Location
In reality you have to know the places which will attract the maximum eyeballs & where your target audience is present.A bad placement & all your hard work is wasted.A bridge or a tall building is a good place for maximum exposure.

Last date for entry (26)Last date for entry (28)

Take a look at the first image.It’s about a smart car and it fits perfectly between the two car advertisements.What better way to say the car is small and nimble.The second one of the car on the bridge is even better.

The Simpson’s advertisement is really innovative.Think about it!You are at a mall wondering what movie to watch and presto!Homer hits a home run and you go and watch the Simpsons movie.

Now that you know the secrets of the OOH universe go out there.First catch their attention,make them think,make them act ,place it right and you will rule the outdoors with all your might!


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giphy (3)

1.  Have your work seen by the best.
OOH Neons winners are selected by a Jury process comprising of some of the best known and experienced people of the industry!It’s a chance to get recognized by the pioneers who have shaped the course of some of the biggest brands in the country!The 2016 edition features heavy weights like Pallavi Singh of Harley Davidson,Sanjeev Handa of Maruti Suzuki fame & marketing guru Vivek Malhotra of the India Today Network.Seriously!Can it get any better?




giphy (4)

2.Make yourself a household name.
Every major news network and publication house follows e4m events.The award function is followed with great fanfare on social media too.The kind of attention that comes with winning a Neons Award also wins new clients, bolsters start-ups, and makes people aware of your great work.


giphy (5)

3.Meet the who’s who of the Industry,Network like a boss!
All the movers and shakers from the OOH industry will be present.Its a chance to meet your idol,network with people and foster new business and personal relationships.There ain’t a better place than the OOH Neons Award!


giphy (6).gif

4.Know the future !
The 2016 edition will be host to the OOH conference.Its your chance to meet the experts and listen to them while they discuss the future of OOH in India.Who knows?You might get an epiphany which can re-shape and revolutionize the industry.


giphy (7).gif

5.Claim your place in history.
We have been honoring the very best in the Outdoors since 2011.This edition will recognize and reward the exceptional work in OOH Advertising and Digital Signage from time period between January 2015 to December 2015.Help us continue celebrating the most innovative, creative, and transformative work that shapes the outdoor.


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