Digital will triumph over traditional media in the long run…

There is an ongoing battle between traditional and digital media strategy. For years, traditional media has helped businesses expand from different operations into the multinational association. Agencies and internal marketing departments alike have been divided by generations on the subject of where to allot their advertising dollars — in traditional media like radio, print and television or in web, social media and mobile, etc.

The era of digital media will continue to expand and as long as technology continues to advance. As laptop, tablet and smartphone adoption continues to grow, lesser consumers are accessing traditional media at all. The best part about digital marketing is it’s easily accessible, unlike traditional marketing. One can utilize his/her budget to target the relevant audience. You can reach larger audience simultaneously. There are both organic and paid forms of digital marketing. It depends on your needs, budget, and approaches that provide a simple way toward.

Additionally, digital advertisements can provide metrics that clearly and quickly demonstrate the efficacy of a particular campaign. The audience can have access to different ingredients on websites and videos on YouTube or video sharing websites. Interaction is possible especially with the uses of social media networks. Marketers take advantages of the facilities of communicating with their targeted audiences to get positive customer feedback. Digital marketing strategy is cost-efficient.

On the other hand, traditional media ads are comparatively costlier than digital media. The major area where digital media has an upper hand over traditional media is extreme targeting of customers. Specific customer targeting will always lead to positive results, regardless of the method you use. Any of the mediums can perform well if you correctly target your audience.

Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) and Conference (TechManch) is an initiative taken by exchange4media to award the best work being done in digital media. This is the 8th edition of IDMA and will be held on 16th, 2017 at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai.



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