4 Tips For Successful Out-of-Home Advertising

Even with the e-commerce boom,we still spend a large chunk of our time out of home.Be it grocery shopping or driving around town ,all these moments leave us susceptible to advertising!

Here are a few guidelines for successful out of home advertising!Follow them and you will rule the outdoors!

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There’s No Room For Dullness
Grab their attention!Now that you have their attention,make a lasting impression.This is the first rule of OOH.Using bright colours,striking images and good taglines you can make your advert stand out.

Here is a perfect example of it by JCDecaux for Tele2.This out of home installation sets the bell ringing the moment you lay your eyes on it.


giphy (13).gif

Make Them Think
Most of the advertising is about recall.It all comes down to creativity.A clever image or a play on words will help make an impression on the viewer’s mind.Your message should be clear and have a lasting impression.


Look at these messages from Amnesty International.They make the viewer think.It strikes an emotional chord with the audience & you immediately know what the campaign is all about.


giphy (14)

Encourage Interaction
We are in the age of Digital.Today with the advent of mobiles & social media a total integration of your advertisement with these mediums can make your OOH totally interactive.Seeing is one thing,but making them act and believe in your brand philosophy is something else.

This Reebok ad has a speed cam installed.You can win a free pair of sneakers by running past it at the speed of 17 miles per hour or more.To say that you can see people flying past this ad would be an understatement.



giphy (16).gif

Think About Location
In reality you have to know the places which will attract the maximum eyeballs & where your target audience is present.A bad placement & all your hard work is wasted.A bridge or a tall building is a good place for maximum exposure.

Last date for entry (26)Last date for entry (28)

Take a look at the first image.It’s about a smart car and it fits perfectly between the two car advertisements.What better way to say the car is small and nimble.The second one of the car on the bridge is even better.

The Simpson’s advertisement is really innovative.Think about it!You are at a mall wondering what movie to watch and presto!Homer hits a home run and you go and watch the Simpsons movie.

Now that you know the secrets of the OOH universe go out there.First catch their attention,make them think,make them act ,place it right and you will rule the outdoors with all your might!


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